Splitsville: Lorena Cartagena Calls Foul On Rapper Fat Joe’s Cheating



Lorena Cartagena has stood by rapper Fat Joe for 17 years. However, in the wake of Fat Joe’s recent and stunning weight loss his wife is calling it quits. The soon-to-be former Mrs. Cartagena cites infidelity on Joe’s part for the split.


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The YBF reports that sources close to Terror Squad link Joe to a woman named Ms. Dubai who lives in Miami. Joe, Lorena and their five-year-old live in Miami too. Convenient.


Apparently Joe has been flaunting Ms. Dubai in public and a friend of Terror Squad sent some evidence to Lorena to prove Joe’s been stepping out.


Cartagena was being courted by “Love and Hip Hop” producer Mona Scott-Young to appear on the show. However, to date she has declined several times.


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Photo via Mirna Bear