69 Problems: Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Shut Down For Health Code Violations



Just when New York City denizens and visiting tourists thought they were going to kick it like ballers The 40/40 Club is shuttered by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Insert record scratch here.


Based on Wednesday night’s lavish opening with an open bar featuring Ace of Spades Champagne and mountains of food from the new menu, it seemed as if The 40/40 Club was destined for nightlife greatness. Sadly, the club received a whopping 69 violation points for infractions including insufficient refrigeration (cold food heated above 41 degrees), inadequate personal cleanliness of food preparers and inappropriate contact with food that will not be further heated – a worker [sic] seen mixing salsa with his bare hands.


Have you ever watched a video of E.coli and other bacteria grow? We have. No nom nom.


We know Jay-Z is a business, man so this situation had to be cleared up quickly.

Ron Berkowitz, a rep for the club, tells TMZ the motor in one of the refrigerators blew just moments before the health inspector arrived … causing the temperature in the fridge to rise. Berkowtiz says the staff identified the problem immediately and had no intention of serving the food from that fridge. Berkowitz says the fridge was fixed by noon the next day and the club was permitted to re-open. He adds … the club lost no business as a result of the issue and their health code grade is currently pending review.


Case closed?


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