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Today’s release of the film “Red Tails” may make history on several accounts. “Red Tails” is one of the first all Black action films made for wide release. If the film is well received by audiences and makes enough money, this may make it easier for Hollywood producers to green light big budget films with non-White casts.


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“Red Tails” tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen; the United States Army’ Corps’ 332nd fighter group made up solely of Black Americans during World War II.


Wikipedia explains how the group earned their nickname, the Red Tails:

When the pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group painted the tails of their P-47’s red, the nickname “Red Tails” was coined.


The Tuskegee airmen were the first group of Black aviators in the history of the United States Armed Forces. They faced racial discrimination within and outside of the military although they valiantly and successfully protected bomber planes during WWII.


Recently, George Lucas sat down to talk with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.” The executive producer reveals it took 23 years and $93 million of his own money to get the film financed because “Red Tails” wasn’t deemed “green enough” — in other words, too Black not to fail — by Hollywood producers.


Video – George Lucas Discusses “Red Tails” With Jon Stewart


“Red Tails” stars Terrence Howard as Colonel A.J. Bullard, Nate Parker, Tristan Wilds, Elijah Kelley, Leslie Odom Jr., Cuba Gooding Jr., and Kevin Phillips. Lee Tergesen, best know for his work in HBO’s “Oz” stars as Colonel Jack Tomilson. Rapper Method Man and singer Ne-Yo make cameos.


Video – Red Tails Trailer


MSDTV wants you to put your money where your mouth is if you want to see more films that tell our story. Watch “Red Tails” on opening day, Jan. 20.


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