MSDTV Style File: Trina Gets ‘Styled By June’ |Photos|




The baddest b*tch is back and she has a new look and sound. Rapper Trina’s style has made a 180 thanks to celebrity stylist June Ambrose. In VH1’s “Styled By June,” the innovative stylist takes stars from the brink of fashion failure to new heights of style. “Styled By June” allows viewers to enter Ambrose’s world which she refers to as the “Juniverse.” Viewers will watch Ambrose navigate the fashion world while juggling a husband, two children and two dogs.


MSDTV joined a select group of music and fashion insiders, fans and press at a taping of “Styled By June” where Trina debuted her new look and performed her new single “Outerspace” with new artist Kid Cadet.


“Styled By June” airs Feb. 27 on VH1.



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Photos by Kizzy-Kay Graham/


In addition to performing Trina introduced her new artist NishaRockstarr, and Rico Love’s artist Emjay to press including MSDTV.


“Styled By June” shoot with Trina at The Griffin in New York City



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Photos by Kizzy-Kay Graham/