A Year Of Sobriety And Success: Ted Williams, ‘The Man With The Golden Voice’




Last year the world was introduced to Ted Williams, “the man with the golden voice” by means of a YouTube video. Williams’ unique baritone quickly drew offers to do voice overs for television and radio. All the success Williams gained became overwhelming within a few months; in addition to being blessed with a special voice, he was an addict. A team from Entertainment Tonight realized Williams’ potential and steered him towards rehab.


Recently Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ted Williams on the one-year anniversary of his sobriety. Since leaving rehab Williams started a charity and is shopping a reality television series called “Second Chance at Life.” Also, Williams is the voice of New England Cable News (NECN). He’s incredibly  grateful for the support he’s received from his girlfriend, sober living coach and ET staff.


Watch the video after the break.


Video – Ted Williams “The Man With The Golden Voice” on ET


Ted Williams’ new book A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation hits stores May 10.


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Photo by  Doral Chenoweth III/Columbus Dispatch