Where They Do That At? Thief Robs Dallas Hair Shop For Hair Extensions


This story is just sad! A man allegedly busted into a Dallas weave shop and demanded extensions for his girlfriend and money, according to NBC Dallas.*

Manager of Main Beauty Supply, Benitra Jackson, said she was closing her store when a random man came in demanding money and hair extensions.

“He was just telling us to get down or he’ll shoot,” Jackson said. “And then he threw me on the floor and told me to put the money in the bag. So I just threw the money in the bag then laid back down on the floor,” she said.

After he received the money, he then asked Jackson for hair extensions for his girlfriend who needed them. He said, “my bit** needs some extensions.”
“I was like, really?” said Jackson. “I wanted to laugh, but something was going on and I was in shock. So I was like why are you asking me about the most expensive hair extensions? So I just grabbed any kind for him.”

Guess some guys will do anything to keep their girl happy. The robber hasn’t been caught by police yet.