Loving Lost & Then Returned? Common Gets At Serena Williams Via Twitter About “Loving I Lost”


Tennis pro, Serena Williams may be having second thoughts about ending it with her former boyfriend and celebrity pal, Common.

Earlier today, the two were spotted engaging in a twitter conversation about Common’s song, “Loving I Lost” which is featured on his The Dreamer/The Believer album. After Serena responded to Common’s tweet about the favorite song from his album, Common took the opportunity to offer Serena a personal invitation to his upcoming video for it.

While their public interaction may be completely innocent, it seems pretty obvious that the two still have strong feelings for each other.

And although we’re not exactly sure what broke this power couple up, we can definitely say, time does heal all wounds and so does the “Loving [one] lost”.

On a side note, now that Drake has found another video hoe, model, chick, vixen to entertain himself with – ain’t it about time Common got back on his Serena game? Just saying.

You can check out the full stream of track, “Loving I Lost” after the break. Stay Tuned.