Kandi Burruss: How to Become Very Rich, B*tch!



We’ve heard several women across the “Real Housewives” franchise (ahem, NeNe … ) tell us just how rich they are but everybody knows (cue Phaedra) those who are actually wealthy — there is a difference between being rich and wealthy — don’t talk about what they do or don’t have. Although the video (see it after the break) refers to being a “rich bitch,” Kandi’s tips are definitely leading fans towards being wealthy.


If you’ve been keeping up on our coverage of Kandi you know she is building an empire (wealth), values the relationships she has with her mother and daughter (more wealth) and is willing to share her secrets of advancement (damn, more wealth) with others.


Kandi shared several key tips with AtlantaBoy.com via YouTube including;

  • Live below your means; spend less than you earn.
  • Pay your bills in full and on time.
  • Always have at least one property and a car you own.
  • Don’t buy a Bentley if you only have one #1 single.


Watch the video after the break.

Video – Kandi Burruss on How To Be Very Rich, Bitch


… and that is how you become and stay a very rich b*tch!


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