Hot Topics: Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Gives Fantasia Tough Love, From The Heart





We’re used to talk show host Wendy Williams saying it like she “means it.” Today she gave “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino the business during the “Hot Topics” segment on “The Wendy Williams Show.”


Fantasia is seeking child support from Antuwan Cook the father of her newborn son. According to the “National Enquirer,” the mother of two has mounting bills and refuses to leave her baby to go on tour. Also, she continues to hope Cook will divorce his estranged wife — with whom he has two children — and marry her. Okay … he’s going to do all of this with the salary of a cell phone sales associate.


Well, Ms. Williams is not one to mince words. She told Fantasia how it is and how it was going to be. Williams made several valid, yet stinging points in an effort to snap the talented singer out of the fog she’s been in for a few years. Wendy called out Fantasia for letting her extended family, friends and other hangers-on leech off of her money. She also had this to say to Fantasia; ‘I always root for the wife. In this case you were dead wrong. Fantasia, he is not going to marry you because it’s cheaper to keep his wife. The only way he is going to marry you is if you go platinum. In which case [we] are not marrying him because he is using [us]. It’s tough love but it’s from the heart.’


Real talk! We hope Fantasia heard Wendy Williams loud and clear. We’re sure there are many people in the industry who would like to support Fantasia but she has to reach out and be consistent.


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