In Case You Missed It: Snoop Dogg On ‘The Price Is Right’ Celebrity Charity Week




In early December we told you to keep an eye out for Snoop Dogg on “The Price Is Right” Celebrity Charity Week. On Monday, January 2, the rapper kicked off the week as contestants played to win money for the Snoop Youth Football League. Contestants seemed to be more excited about seeing Snoop Dogg than the prizes in the showcases. Snoop gave¬†all of the contestants big hugs and carefully coached them throughout games including the “Range Game,” “One Wrong Price” and “Plinko.”


Snoop revealed he’s a long time fan of the show. In fact, he used to watch the show when he cut school. We wonder if watching “The Price Is Right” helped make him the savvy businessman he is today.


This wasn’t Snoop Dogg’s first time on the set. The Doggfather detailed the run in he had with the infamous wheel, ”I was working on another shoot at CBS and I ran over here and I seen the wheel, and I was like ‘they’re going to win.’ And I ran up on the wheel and I slid right into it, ‘boom’ and hit my head on it.’


Several signed Snoop Dogg nametags were auctioned off during the show.


With Snoop’s convincing hosting of the Showcase Showdown he can definitely fill in for the current host, Drew Carey on a whim. Although the show was to benefit Snoop’s football charity he offered a choice prize of his own to the Showcase¬† Showdown victor; all access VIP passes to his show in New Orleans. In addition to the all access pass, the winning contestant and a guest will hang out in Snoop’s dressing room and get to watch the show onstage. Winning!


Find out how much money contestants raised for the Snoop Youth Football League and watch videos after the break.

Video – Snoop Dogg on “The Price Is Right” Celebrity Charity Week (Clip)




Video – Behind the Scenes: Snoop Dogg on “The Price Is Right” Celebrity Charity Week (Clip)



Contestants raked in more than $70,000 in support of the Snoop Youth Football League.


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