Bey-by Watch: Beyonce and Jay-Z Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Brooklyn



Buttermilk Channel is going to have a huge uptick in business thanks to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s recent visit on New Year’s Eve. The still very pregnant Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z were spotted at the Brooklyn eatery by a writer from Food Republic who sent this tweet (pictured above):


Taste! Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrating NYE at Buttermilk Channel right now. Well played.


There are disputes about what Bey and Jay ate at the restaurant; a high class meal including foie gras and duck meatloaf, or chicken for Bey and oysters for Jay. After dinner Radar Online reports Jay-Z and Beyonce attended Solange’s house party.


Beyonce’s may be one of the most anticipated births in all of celebdom.


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