Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? RZA And Meagan Good Guest Star On Showtime’s ‘Californication’




If you haven’t watched the last four seasons of Showtime’s raucous comedy “Californication,” you have been missing the insane hijinks of David Duchovny (X-Files) as writer Hank Moody. Hands down, Hank Moody is the baddest White man in town and he just keeps on getting worse … and that’s a good thing. Season 4 ended with a bang — several to be exact — many were literal. Hank left for New York after being rocked by a sex scandal, the juggling of three women; a young actress, an old flame and … his lawyer, and trying to mend his relationship with his ex-wife and teen daughter.


Season 5 picks up as Hank returns to California after three years. His wife has remarried, his daughter is grown up and dating a guy who’s a lot like Hank (READ: trouble). RZA joins the cast as Samurai Apocalypse; a hip hop mogul who seeks out Hank to write a screenplay. A major player in the industry is not complete without a lovely female companion which is where Meagan Good comes in as Kali, a singer with a very close connection to her mentor. If you’ve been a devotee of the show you know where all of this leads. However, if you’ve been slacking, you’ll have to catch up here, watch it On Demand or wait for the first episode of the new season.


“Californication” premieres Sunday, January 8 on Showtime.


Watch the Season 5 preview after the jump.


Video – Season 5 Preview with RZA and Meagan Good


Hank is going H.A.M this season. Are you down to ride?


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