Deion Sanders’ Wife Pilar Found Out About Divorce Via TMZ



The Internet is enabling adults to behave in very childish ways. Soon to be divorced (maybe?) Pilar Sanders found out about her husband’s petition to get divorced online. Pilar, the wife of former NFL and MLB player Deion Sanders — and the mother of his three children — found out about her divorce on TMZ of all places.


Still, Pilar says she isn’t 100% convinced the marriage is dead … chalking up Deion’s recent behavior to a “temporary lapse of judgment” … and insisting she’s “confident that he will come to his senses and return to his family as he has in the past.”


Girl, get it together because:

An adviser for Deion tells TMZ … the athlete’s original statement “speaks for itself” …


A wise Internet denizen once said “if you have a problem face it, don’t Facebook it.” The same goes for allegedly leaking your pending divorce to a media source before discussing it with your soon to be ex-spouse.


We are just as confused as you are right now. Is this couple playing the media and fans for fools?


Stay tuned for more.


Photo via Oxygen