“Cee Lo Takes the U.K.” And Takes On Vegas In “Loberace”



Mr. “F**k You” is keeping himself very busy these days. While other entertainers have to worry about having the financial rug pulled out from under them, Grammy Award-winner Cee Lo Green has several deals in place that allow him to live a caviar lifestyle. According to the music impresario’s latest profile via “The New York Times,” “To sustain his success, Cee Lo has become one of the hardest-working stars in pop. In the days around the tree-lighting schedule he logged about 20,000 miles taping television shows, recording an album and making personal appearances across the United States and in Britain. One day last spring he managed a promotional trifecta, performing in New York in the morning, Alabama in the afternoon and Las Vegas at night.”


The music business is not what it used to be; artists reap fewer rewards for records sold thanks to digital downloading. Since everyone gets a piece of the digital pie Cee Lo is savvy enough to look elsewhere for cash. He is slated to make at least $20 million this year but music is not his bread and butter. Thanks to Primary Wave, a group of former record executives; Cee Lo has a steady stream of appearances and endorsement deals in place.


Primary Wave also booked numerous commercial endorsements for Cee Lo, in traditional TV spots like a 7Up commercial that has been running since October, as well as a Web video series for Absolut Vodka and personal appearances for Duracell and Pretzel M&M’s.

“He has a very strong brand, an unusual look and a great sense of fun,” said Mark Burnett, the veteran reality-TV producer, who signed up Cee Lo for “The Voice” shortly after seeing him on “Saturday Night Live.” “It’s a sense of theatrical, big-scale fun. It’s not just singing. It’s a real show with Cee Lo.”


Speaking of shows; Cee Lo inked a deal to star in his own reality TV show. “Cee Lo Takes the U.K.” will chronicle the Goodie Mob’s reunion and the making of a new album. While in the U.K., the group will take in the local color. We do hope there will be a carnival episode. Next year, Cee Lo will take his show on the road — to Vegas — for his “Loberace” theatrical spectacular. That’s right; it’s a Cee Lo meets Liberace kind of affair. Cee Lo is the consummate performer so his stint at Planet Hollywood will offer old and new fans many surprises.


Stay tuned. MSDTV will be following the wild adventures of Cee Lo Green and keeping you posted.