Vanessa Bryant’s Ten Year Itch Equals Cold Hard Cash



If you have ever wondered why some Hollywood wives stay in bad marriages and put up with infidelity, abuse, other children born out of wedlock and other marriage deal breakers, this is why — they are waiting for the 10 year mark. If you’re married for at least 10 years in California, it’s considered a long term marriage so you’ll make out with half of your spouse’s earnings made while you were together. In addition to getting half of everything, alimony is awarded until the spouse — typically the ex-wife — remarries.  Lakers star Kobe Bryant’s net worth is approximately $140 million. So Vanessa Bryant will get $70 million for starters.


Hollyscoop TV reports that according to her former step-father Stephen Laine, Vanessa Bryant is a gold digger and she gets it from her momma.  Also, it’s reported that the soon to be ex-Mrs. Bryant “checked out of the marriage four years ago” but was encouraged to go for the ten year mark by her mother.



Smart lady or gold digging babe? You decide.


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