Where Does A Retired NFL Player Go? Hollywood, Baby!


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After an NFL MVP wins the Super Bowl they go to Disney World but where do players go when they retire? Apparently, they’ll be heading to Hollywood. Film veterans including Keenan Ivory Wayans, Robert Townsend and John Singleton will teach retired players the tricks of the trade through the NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp.


The four-day event will offer an overview of creative disciplines in the film industry, including screen writing, directing, producing and film financing. The players will have the opportunity to shoot and edit a short film.

The program is being run by NFL Player Engagement, which assist players in preparing for their post-football careers, and Film Life Inc., a New York-based film production company.


This isn’t the first program established by the NFL for players ending their careers on the field. In addition to the film program the NFL has intensive business management and broadcast programs. The Business of Music Boot Camp debuts in February 2012.


The NFL Pro Hollywood Boot Camp will run April 2-5 at Universal Studios.


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