International Exposure: Nicki Minaj Puts Japanese Designer On The Map


Nicki Minaj Wearing EnocDouter


Nicki Minaj is known for taking hip-hop and fashion to new heights. So, it’s no wonder she’s helping to put Japanese designer, Shojono Tomo on the map. Minaj has been spotted wearing Tomo’s bombastic designs from the EnocDouter — roughly translated to mean wild boar’s daughter — line at awards shows, during televised appearances and as she prances about town.


Tomo’s designs are right up Minaj’s alley; some pieces resemble the aftermath of a knife fight orchestrated by stuffed animals and anime¬†ingenues.


While Minaj and Tomo are worlds apart and work in different fields, Minaj’s attraction to Tomo’s work is very clear based on the following statement from Caro of Sweet Streets;

Caro, of the artist-management firm Sweet Streets, who represent Tomo in the United States, sees the artist’s disinclination to follow convention and her continual movement forward as the keys to her mass appeal.


Thanks to Minaj’s mention of ¬†Tomo by name in interviews after the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, the designer has developed a following in the United States that has her eclectic clothing in high demand.


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Image via MTV

Source: The Japan Times