Real Deal Holyfield: Ray J., and Evander Holyfield Create New Entertainment Venture


 Evander Holyfield and Ray J

R&B artist, producer and actor Ray J. has joined forces with former boxing champ Evander Holyfield to bring the hip-hop and boxing worlds together. The aptly titled venture, KnockOut is a collaboration between the two men and Sydney MacDonald of Everi Exposure Entertainment.

Ray J. will be responsible for attracting celebrities, music performances, and models to the televised fights.

Evander Holyfield, a five time boxing champion, will be responsible for securing business deals within the boxing community.

“Evander plays a key role to this new success as new doors are organically opening, ensuring that the business dealings in the boxing world are secure and continuing to flow freely,” said Sydney MacDonald. “This ground breaking merger is a dynamic step in the right direction for better entertainment in boxing.”

Adding a more entertaining flare to the sport of boxing makes sense fiscally since front rows of title matches are often filled with rappers, actors and other entertainment professionals.

The burgeoning sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) will play a prominent role in the venture.

Ray J., never known to be shy did a short promo for the project. See the video below.

Do you believe KnockOut will be a hit or miss?

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