It’s A Hard Knock Life: Allen Iverson Leaves Wife And Kids With $23,000 Debt


Allen Iverson has some major responsibility issues to work out. The former NBA star has apparently left his wife and five kids broke and penniless, as his estranged wife Tawanna is claiming she is now $23,000 in debt due to her ex-husband.

TMZ reports that after Tawanna filed for divorce in June, Iverson stopped putting money in their joint bank account (despite being worth $20 Million). But to make matters worse, she claims he then made several large withdrawals and one of them was for $20,000, which he spent on a diamond purchase.

While a court date is yet to be set, it seems this upcoming holiday season might be a little rough for the Iverson household. Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned.