Game On: Video Game Company Set To Sue Beyonce


Beyonce Selfridges LDN 2011

The video game industry is incredibly profitable. This year software sales were up 3% to $621.3 million from 2010. Games such as Call of Duty, Gears of War and Battlefield 3 are wildly successful with regard to reaching men. Dance and fitness related games including Zumba, Just Dance and Dance Central have garnered a lot of interest among women and profits too. So, why wouldn’t Beyonce want a piece of the gaming pie? California based video game maker Gate Five LLC wants to know why too and they are taking her to court.

Gate Five LLC alleges the Grammy Award-winning artist Beyonce caused the company to lose a $7 million investment and a projected $100 million in profits as the result of backing out of a deal made in 2010.

The Associated Press reported on the lawsuit in April noting that Beyonce made a lucrative agreement with Gate Five back in June 2010 for a game called “Starpower: Beyonce,” but later demanded a new deal and abruptly abandoned the project.

The suit also claims that the singer’s stunt drove a backer away and destroyed Gate Five’s business, forcing 70 people to lose their jobs.

After a winning year for Beyonce including her pregnancy, this throws a wrench in any plans she has for the New Year.

MSDTV will be following the case closely and will keep you up to date.