Kenya Bell Talks “Basketball Wives,” Calls Out Meeka Claxton, Addresses Stabbing & Debuts Single “Fly”


 Kenya Bell in pink dress

Who knew beauty queens could bring this much fire?

Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell popped in to FM 98 WJLB for an interview with Coco Foolish and Mr. Chase. During the interview Kenya talked about building relationships with the cast, and called out former cast member Meeka Claxton for having an agenda … minutes later she gave listeners a hit (no pun intended) of her new single “Fly.” Call the kettle black much? It’s reality television; everyone has an agenda. The single is pretty decent so there will be many glasses of Moscato waving when this hits the air in the club.

Listen to the first part of the radio show below.

 Check part 2 after the break where Kenya tries to skirt the alleged stabbing issue in the second section of the interview.

The drama continues…

Perhaps she could have gotten away with the lie if it wasn’t for pesky due diligence. There is a record of her posting $5,000 bail. Listen below:

Perhaps one call call Kenya crazy (alleged stabbing) but don’t you dare call her stupid. She comes armed (again, no pun intended) with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in business.

Will you be snapping up the album when it drops on April 2, 2012?

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Source: Max Rosenhaus/FM 98 WJLB
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