Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Swizz Beatz Launches Lotus, Reebok & More


Last week, a host of celebrity pals including T.I., Stephen Baldwin, Carmelo Anthony, wife Alicia Keys and Russell Simmons joined Swizz Beatz as he unveiled the first chrome-colored Lotus. Currently, Swizz is the VP of Creative Design and Global Marketing for the British auto brand. We found ourselves scratching our heads and wondered, “just how many jobs does Swizz Beatz have?”

With James Brown deceased, the Grammy award winner is ripe for the title of “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.” We’ve noticed he’s got quite a few titles under his belt and quite frankly, we’re not sure how he makes time to produce music for the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Chris Brown, T.I., Busta Rhymes, Whitney Houston and other chart toppers.

Here’s a run down of Swizz’s many roles:

  • Creative Director, Reebok
  • DJ
  • Painter
  • Producer
  • Producer in Residence, New York University’s Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music
  • Rapper
  • Toy Ambassador, Hasbro
  • Vice President of Creative Design and Global Marketing, Lotus

Mr. Hedley, the hardworking Jamaican father popularized by¬† Damon Wayans on “In Living Color” would approve.

Stay tuned to MSDTV for more on Swizz Beatz’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage