50 Cent Talks Hip Hop And Next Album In Upcoming Issue Of XXL


50 Cent in boardroom

There’s something wrong with the music industry today and in rapper 50 Cent’s mind — it’s hip hop. Apparently he’s not too happy with what he feels to be lackluster artists making mediocre records. The rapper, entrepreneur and philanthropist sat down with XXL magazine to discuss hip hop’s present, his latest EP, and future in the January/February 2012 issue.

XXL cites “a softer style of emotional, R&B-tinged rap rules on radio, and weirdo MCs populate the blogs” for making 50 feel like an outsider in an industry where he is a major player. There is no doubt this less aggressive form of rap makes 50 Cent yearn to revisit hip hop’s past. In the interview he was gracious enough to give shout outs to artists including Busta Rhymes and rival Fat Joe, for making music that inspired him to push harder and further hone his craft. Essentially, a steady stream of one-upmanship is good for business as long as fisticuffs aren’t involved.

It seems as if there has never been a better time for East Coast and West Coast rappers to work together. 50 Cent and  Dr. have assisted each other on projects; Dre on 50’s new album and 50 on the highly anticipated “Detox.” It’s the stuff Biggie and Tupac dreams are made of.

50 Cent considers himself an evolved person. He’s no longer garnering attention for being shot several times and running the streets. Besides his music, 50 is known for his lucrative deals with Lion’s Gate and Glacéau VitaminWater. We’ve also had the opportunity to see 50 Cent’s philanthropic side per his involvement with the G-Unity Foundation and Street King Energy Shot food project.

… these days, 50 has a larger profile for his endeavors outside of music than for those inside the recording booth: the $200 million deal he struck in 2010 with Lions Gate Entertainment to launch his Cheetah Vision Films production company (through which he has written, produced and starred in Gun, with Val Kilmer, and Things Fall Apart, with Ray Liotta); the multimillion-dollar stake in Glacéau’s vitaminwater; his newest label, G-Note Records; his first business venture, G-Unit Records, to which he recently signed Atlanta trap rapper Shawty Lo; and his latest business, SMS Audio, which has resulted in SYNC by 50 headphones. This last venture, of course, puts him in direct competition with Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine and Aftermath founder Dr. Dre, who debuted their Beats by Dre headphones in 2008, and who are the same executives 50 may or may not negotiate his next recording contract with, after the release of his forthcoming album.

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year for 50 Cent. Of course MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned.