Hot or Not? Rich Hill Is “Never Coming Back” In New Visual


Let us know if this new video from Rich Hil entitled “Never Coming Back” off of his upcoming EP “Support Your Local Drug Dealer” is Hot or Not! Get to know the rapper a little more on the other side. This is kind of trippy mang!

Rich Hil, at the age of 21, has already released over 700 songs, freestyles, and mixtapes in just two years. Hil melds stream-of-consciousness, improvisational rhymes to woozy, blissed-out beats, creating a sound immersed in hip-hop but still rooted in the rapper’s psychedelic, singer-songwriter leanings. It’s this idiosyncratic style that Hil has dubbed “hippie,” a mix of vintage beats, unabashed tributes to drug culture, and a laid back flow that rejects hip-hop’s blinged out, bottle-service past and embraces instead a back-to-basics lifestyle. As Hil says, “You know how I’m gonna be the best? I’m just gonna be me. 100%. So anything that comes to my head, I’m letting people know.”