Oprah Sends Letter To Wendy Williams, Sets Record Strait On Friendship


Talk show host Wendy Williams got the official queen of all media’s attention recently as Oprah send Wendy a letter clarifying her and BFF Gayle’s relationship.

After Gayle King left her show on OWN to become the host of the new, reformatted CBS morning show, Wendy Williams questioned if King left due to some behind-the-scenes drama between her and Oprah.

She delivered a monologue urging the longtime friends to remember the good times and stay close, reports AOLTV.

And Oprah, who rarely responds to rumors – sent a letter to Wendy, reassuring her that she and Gayle are still best friends.

Wendy read a copy of the letter yesterday on the show and joked that she was keeping the original in a locked vault in her office.

“There is only happiness for Gayle and this wonderful opportunity,” the letter explained. The letter ended with “Love, Oprah,”  which Wendy added her own post-script: “stay black.”

Check the segment below: