Artist Spotlight: Azealia Banks Showcases Her New York Swag In “212”


Azealia Banks at the Bodega


Female MC and newcomer, Azealia Banks is ready to give pop femcee and frontrunner Nicki Minaj a run for her money.

Although still fairly new to this game, Banks has already attained a dedicated fan base and proves to have an addicting rap style listeners have deemed as “lyrical whiplash”.

As seen in this video, Banks offers a relatable and conversational style that seemingly transcends gender lines and offers a unique appeal. With lyrics like “You can tell I been that bitch since the pamper” and “I’m a rude bitch n*gga, what are you made of,” Banks is set to dominate the femcee realm as she is proving to be up for the challenge.

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Check out her video below:

Photo by Matt Barnes