DMX And Ex- Wife Take Their Family Drama To “Relationship Rehab” on VH1


It looks like DMX and his estranged wife Tashera Simmons have decided to give their relationship another shot — in front of national cameras. The two have decided to appear on an upcoming VH1 reality show about their marriage and of course the drama surrounding it.

Despite having six kids with “other” women and a drug problem, Tashera Simmons is willing to give her ex-husband another chance as they will be opening up about the drugs, his trips to jail and the 6 children he father outside their marriage on VH1’s “Relationship Rehab” show.

The couple separated in July 2010 and have 4 kids together. Yet, it seems that after 20 years and multiple indiscretions, they are still not ready to call it quits.

A source said DMX feels that Tashera is “one of the only people [he] truly ever loved and has been down with him through thick and thin.”

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned.