Details Emerge On Why Lady Gaga Gave Laurieann “BoomKat” Gibson The Boot


The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed hat Lady Gaga and her longtime creative director Laurieann “BoomKat” Gibson are no longer working together.
First mentioned on MediaTakeOut, the two were said to have been in a “bitter fight,” stemming from Gibson’s ego that apparently got the best of the choreographer-turned-reality star.

According to the Reporter, Gibson had made several comments to the press recently, one in which Gibson credits Madonna for inspiring Gaga’s ever-evolving style — a comparison Gaga has refuted and worked to debunk.

The two first started working together when Gaga was signed to Interscope Records. In April 2011, Gibson described their earliest experiences together to The Hollywood Reporter:

“I met one brilliant artist that the world had no idea existed,” she said. “The hypocrisies of the industry were forcing her to act one way. She tells people that I fought for her, and I fought to protect her gift because it’s rare. She’s a fearless, transparent entertainer… we’re colorful, we’re dramatic, we were born this way.”

But as time went on and Gibson pursued her own projects — like the Ryan Seacrest-produced E! series “The Dance Scene” — friction began to trickle into their working relationship. A hint of it came during the filming of Gaga’s “Judas” video, whose strong religious overtones made Gibson somewhat uneasy. She described the conceptual debate as such:

“At one point, there was two completely different views and after the third glass of wine, I was like, ‘Listen, I don’t want lightning to strike me. I believe in the Gospel and I’m not going there.’”

Gibson added that she would have walked away from filming without a conceptual compromise which didn’t make her “boss” too happy.

Right after that incident, Gibson was also reportedly involved with a scrapped treatment for the “Edge of Glory” video where the reality star brought up “an issue” with director Joseph Kahn’s vision for the clip, which he then ended up using a low-rent city fire escape visual. Gibson went on a Twitter rant after fans questioned the production value of the video and what went down. Gibson tweeted to two such critics:

“listen u disrespectful f**k they had an issue on set I don’t lie!!!!!” and “creative changes happen always educate ignorant Monster’s!!!”

If you think that’s rough, get more of scoop after the break:

More recently, The Hollywood Reporter recounts a red carpet scuffle in September involving Gibson at the Creative Arts Emmys, where she was nominated for directing Gaga’s “Monster Ball” concert movie for HBO.

According the site, Gibson was taking her sweet time posing for photographers, so much so that she created gridlock and angered ID PR chief Kelly Bush, who was waiting with her client Paul Reubens.

Richard Jackson, who was Gibson’s No. 2, is now choreographing all of Gaga’s performances, the pop star tweeted on Nov. 6. The two are currently in London, where Gaga just performed on UK’s “ X Factor.”

A rep for Gaga confirmed to THR that the two are no longer working together but declined to comment further.

MSDTV is also hearing that Laurieann plans to sue Gaga and that as of right now, “BoomKat” is off of twitter and fuming mad.

Of course we’ll keep you posted. Stay Tuned.