T.I. Plans To Have A New Reality Television Show


T.I. talks about working with Big Krit, Taylor Swift, his first novel Power and Beauty, how personal he is going to get on his VH1 Reality Show, his son’s rap career and losing Heavy D. On Hot 97.9.

On will he reveal more of his personal life as a husband on his reality show:
T.I.: I suppose the simple answer would be yes but I’m not doing it on purpose, Im just living my life, we doing what we would do whether the camera’s are on us or off of us, You’re just getting to look inside.

On adjusting to having cameras around 24/7:
TI: I have learned to behave as though cameras are around me all the time anyway. I’ve learned to accept that you never know who’s watching anytime, anywhere.

On advising his son on rap and/or the music business:
TI: I haven’t given him much advice on the music business yet because I still don’t know how serious he is about it. Most of my advice has been to him as an artist, as a MC and that is talk about what you know and how you feel. Don’t get caught up trying to do what everybody else is doing and also to expand his vocabulary… The more words you know, the more words you can use… The more knowledge you have you can speak from a place of intelligence.

On losing Heavy D:
That was a heavy Blow to me personally and the Hip Hop community as a whole. He was just saw Heav. He was at the AKOO brunch… Me and Heav we run in the same circles and know all of the same people so of course everybody’s feeling it. Nobody wants to see anybody go ofcourse we have to accept that everybody has a day but nobody wants to see their loved ones leave, especially when it’s so sudden like that.