Actor Turned Rapper Tristan Wilds Debut EP “Remember, Remember” |Download|


“I’m using this mixtape as a way to show the world what I’m about to deliver to music. I’m more than a singer, more than a rapper, more than a writer and an actor. I’m an artist, and the journey has just begun,”

That was a quick quote from Tristan Wilds himself. You may remember him from CW’s 90210, HBO’s The Wire, George Lucas’ Red Tails. After the jump, find out why he’s more than all of the above & why his an artist.

Remember, Remember EP Track Listing:
1. “The Introduction”
2. “Over My Head”
3. “Cold”
4. “Green Light”
5. “The Interlude”
6. “This Ain’t Your Everyday Love Song”
7. “Remember”

Download HERE