Radio Host Big Boy To Release An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size Tell All Book


On December 27, 2011 Cash Money Content, the book publishing arm of the iconic record label Cash Money Records, will release An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size, from nationally-known radio personality, Big Boy. Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander is the No. 1 Los Angeles radio host, ten-years running, and one of the most widely known hip hop radio DJs, heard in syndication in on 30 stations around the country. But Big is known just as much for his wise-cracking on-air antics as he is for his once, 500 pound frame.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the book:

“As a child, although we were poor, my family was always happy, loving and encouraging, which has made me the self confident and happy adult that I am today – no matter what size I am,” Big Boy says. “Food was always one of my most favorite things in the world,” he admits. “Growing up, our family, and many African American families, always gathered around family meals and holiday dinners – always around food. To eat was to be loved, to be safe. And what we learn as a child, just like tying our shoes, stays with you. Now, I still love food but I know more about nutrition, portion size, and exercise and I am passing these new food habits on to my kids.“