Damn Homie! Young Buck Has Tapped The Piggy Bank Dry!


Guess things aren’t going as well for Young Buck. It seems the only way for him to escape his debit is file for bankruptcy. The former G-Unit affiliate who’s real name is David Darnell Brown has been trying to come up with a solution to avoid filing Chapter 11 but 50 cent is making that an option. Burton and Buck’s debt manager devised a plan that would prevent bankruptcy that included renewing a record deal with G-Unit and Universal Music Group but 50 Cent objected.

“At this time, because no agreement has been reached with G-Unit and Curtis Jackson regarding either assumption or rejection for the recording agreement and/or the publishing agreement, the first amended plan cannot be confirmed,” Burton said in court papers filed last week. “The trustee believes and therefore asserts that there is no reasonable likelihood of reorganization at this point.”

On top of that Young Buck got the short end of the stick from a former acquaintance. He had some performance and appearance fees wired to an authorized account. Now the funds and the acquaintance are MIA! Daaaaamn homie!