Don’t Google – WIREDoo? MC Hammer Is Set To Launch New Search Engine |Video|


While making music may not be his main objective anymore, MC Hammer is no stranger to creating cultural trends.

The “Can’t Touch This” rapper, is taking his creativity to the boardroom as he is set to launch a new search engine called WIREDoo. Although it’s still in its developmental stages and not yet available to the public, Hammer is willing to bet that his search engine will be Google’s next official contender.

Hammer explains that the search engine will function on a deep search or relationship search level, as opposed to others’ keyword and link related searches.

Yahoo News reports that when given an example using a zip code search of 90210, WIREDoo brought up schools, homes, crime rate; drilling deeper into schools revealed truancy rate, SAT scores, average parent’s education plus more relevant data which was only the beginning of the deep search.

Hammer has not released an official launch date. Check out his interview about his new search engine below: