Two Women Got More Than A Happy Meal From McDonalds


Some of you may have heard about the McDonald’s employee who beat two women with a metal pole. It all began when two female customers attempted to purchase their order with a fifty dollar bill. Ryan McIntosh, who was the cashier at the time, questioned them about the authenticity of the bill.

The two female customers felt offended and began to swear obscenities at McIntosh. But they did not stop there! One female not only slapped him in the face but jumped over the counter while the other female went around through the door. While this was occurring, McIntosh grabbed a metal pole that is used to clean the Mc Griddles and began to beat the two females.

Other employees and customers attempted to diffuse the situation but it was unsuccessfully. One woman received a broken arm and fractured skull while the other suffered from a laceration.

McIntosh is now facing felony assault charges. He was just released not too long ago from an out of state prison which he served ten years for manslaughter. He was convicted for fatally shooting a teenage friend.

While in court, McIntosh lawyer states:

“It’s very clear [the two women] were coming after my client, who had in effect retreated to the rear part [of the kitchen] and was not seeking a confrontation.” Herlich said, adding that his client didn’t know if the women were armed at the time.”

Jamie Mendoza, The Assistant District Attorney agreed to a certain extent stating:

“”Not only did she curse out the hard working employees at the McDonald’s working the graveyard shift, but then she did go over the counter into an area which is prohibited to the public. The defendant could have handled the situation in a manner which did not lead him to repeatedly strike Ms. Darbeau and Ms. Edwards.”

The Judge feels that there is probable cause to hold McIntosh and present the case as a felony to the grand jury. Damn….that ish cray!!!