LL Cool J Explains Why He’s Not Impressed By Rappers Of Today |Video|


LL Cool J offered his take on the state of hip-hop saying he’s not at all that impressed with what’s being dished out today.

“Right now, there isn’t really anything that has my attention like that to be honest with you,” he told MTV. “There’s nothing that-I’m not like shivering in my seat.”

The self proclaimed G.O.A.T., does however, give credit to a few mainstream acts including Drake – acknowledging Drake’s “I’m on One” as a song he likes.

Although he doesn’t feel there are any phenomenal acts out right now, LL did offer some positive comments on artists like Soulja Boy, Rick Ross and other popular rap acts in his interview.

Regardless of their noterity, LL feels the foundation is the most relevant aspect in Hip Hop:

“It’s pretty obvious that what Dr. Dre and NWA did for gangsta rap music I did for romantic music and music with females. I basically started a section of a genre and created it and put it out there and now lots of people are doing it. I think it’s great. It’s better than downing them and telling [females] they ain’t nothing.”

Check out LL’s full interview with MTV after the break.

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