Headphones Ain’t Enough: Dr. Dre Tries His Luck At Smartphone Technology With New HTC Phone


While Dr. Dre may not THAT focused on releasing his upcoming album, Detox, the doctor is very much set on spearheading his latest initiative: Smartphones.

The legendary producer and entertainment mogul is expanding his empire with an upcoming Smartphone with HTC and Verizon. He and business partner Jimmy Lovine sold the majority of Beats Electronics to Taiwanese company HTC for something around $309 million.

“I am trying to build my electronics company, Beats Electronics. We just signed a major deal with HTC and we have cell phones coming out in the next two weeks,” Dre told GlobalGrind.com.

“I am involved in Chrysler; we are in cars right now. My whole thing is to take over everything with a speaker. That is what I am shooting for. “I am trying to be number 2 to Apple, and number 2 to Apple is not a bad position to be in,” he added.

Although the details are limited, Dre says the phone will be out via Verizon in the coming weeks.

Sadly for Detox fans worldwide, the only updates Dre is offering at the moment are technology ones. )-:

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay tuned.