Wendy Williams Breaks Down Beyonce’s Baby Bump Conspiracy On Show |Video|


Beyonce’s recent interview in Australia has sparked quite the media frenzy as many outlets and even fans are questioning the pop star’s pregnancy. And although the alledged mother to be vehemently denies the rumors that her “baby bump” is indeed fake, TV personality Wendy Williams decided to offer her viewers the full take on the Beyonce baby bump conspiracy.

According to Wendy, Beyonce could possibly be faking her pregnancy for a number of reasons – a few include: to uplift her lackluster career, to keep Jay-Z’s alleged mistress away, and to keep her body on in tact.

While some of the reasoning may come off as a little ridiculous, Wendy offers an entertaining – and yet, somewhat believable rundown of why Beyonce may not be pregnant. Check out the video below. Do YOU believe the rumors – or is it just too far fetched?