Rumor Alert: Nene Getting The Boot & Replaced On The Real Housewives Of Atl?


The Rumor Mills are spinning and they are saying that NeNe Leaks from Atlanta Housewives has not only been dumped but replaced as well.

NeNe speaks on it every chance she gets; the passion between her and her longtime ex-husband Greg has died out years ago. They have finally decided to part and go their separate ways.

So you would think that was it and she would be focused on her career. Nope not at all she has been dealing with NFL Player Charles Grant. She claimed they were “just friends” but it’s been evident they have been dealing with each other for quite sometime.

They were suppose to go public about their relationship once the divorce was finalized but things aren’t working out as planned.

Charles Grant is supposedly engaged to Marlo Hampton a stylist in Atlanta. To top it all of she is suppose to be on the next season of Atlanta Housewives.

MDTV knows things will definitely be heated this season. Below is a picture of Marlo.