Rihanna’s New Love Interest Better Keep His Hands To Himself!!!


Looks like Ri-Ri has a new love interest! According to Hollywoodgossip.com Rihanna is dating Britcish boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy. The couple (who’s status is still not verified by Rihanna’s camp) met during the filming of her new video “We Found Love” where  Dudley was hired to be Rihanna’s love interest. According to unidentified sources, Rihanna was said to have “hand-picked” Dudley and seems to have quite the crush on the London boxer. The couple has been seen spending time together after Rihanna’s concert in London and around town.

Dudley O’Shaughnessy, 21, is a british boxer turned model turned Ri-Ri’s leading man. Now we all remember the famous pictures of Rihanna’s battered face after the Chris Brown incident so we can’t help but ask … Should Rihanna be dating someone who is PROFESSIONALLY allowed to use his hands?

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