Uncle Luke Brings on The Miami Heat – Calls Out Cash Money & Diddy !!!


Come January 1st 2012, Miami may be on SHUT DOWN for members of Cash Money, Diddy and DJ Khaled. According to Uncle Luke, he is setting a deadline for change or Miami cards are going to be revoked!!! Apperently, Uncle Luke is frustrated that rappers are taking over the land; using their beaches, soaking there sun, sleeping with their woman … AND HE HAS HAD ENOUGH. The angry Uncle Luke issued the following :

“I’ve got a message for Lil Wayne, his Cash Money Brothers, DJ Khaled, Puff Daddy and all the rappers from other parts of the country who now live in Miami. I’m tired of seeing these cats using up our beaches, soaking up our sunshine, taking over the nightclubs, and sleeping with our women without investing anything into the community. I want to know when Lil Wayne is going to do more than show up courtside at the American Airlines Arena. Hell, it’s not like he paid for them anyway. You know he got comped.”

“What kind of sell-out move is that? I want to see Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Puff Daddy and all their boys start doing more for Miami. I want to see them doing fundraisers to help youth sports and after school programs. I want to see them at FCAT rallies. I want to see them do like Pitbull who works closely with the Kiwanis Club in Little Havana and DJ Irie who puts on a charity weekend for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.”

“I’m giving them a deadline. They got until January 1. If I don’t see them giving back to the Magic City, I’m gonna have their Miami cards revoked. They won’t be getting into any more nightclubs. They won’t be able to go near our women. And Lil Wayne is gonna have to find floor seats for New Orleans Hornets home games because he won’t be allowed inside the Triple A.”

If anyone has forgotten, Uncle Luke was once part of this hip-hop world back when he was a member of the 2 Live Crew. So MDTV has to ask, does he really want to see change for the better in Miami or is just pissed off that Lil Wayne is mackin’ it to his Miami ladies???

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