Six Figures Offer Has Been Brought To The Table For Tupac Sextape!


Two porn companies are battling for the rights to Tupac Shakur sex tape, who was rumored to be available as of yesterday.

The footage was shot in 1991 & the late rapper receiving oral sex while rapping, sipping on some brew & piffing on a blunt at a house party.

According to TMZ , one of the front runners on the bid is a site called YouPorn and Corey Price says:

”The site has made an official offer to pay $150k for the tape.”

According to sources, the person in possession of the tape believes the offer is “way too low” Shoot…anybody that owns something of this magnitude would probably hold out for a better offer.

Another potential buyer from an unidentified porn site, told the owner of the vid he’ll be willing to pay lot more than the current offer only if he can get a glipse of the footage first! MSDTV will definitely keep you posted on this!