Shaunie O’Neal & VH1 Producers Share They Thoughts On Kimsha’s Departure


Last week, we reported the fallout between Kimsha & Shaunie O’Neal. No official word on why she got the boot from the show…until now! Bwlow his a testament made from the producers of the show. After the show, Shaunie had an interview with Madame Noire and d set the record straight regarding Kimsha and their alleged fight.

“When Kimsha Artest signed on to be in ‘Basketball Wives: LA,’ we were very excited to have her onboard. That is why we were confused and disheartened when after a limited number of days shooting she stopped showing up for filming. This is the sole and only reason Kimsha has not appeared on more episodes of the series. Her minimal coverage on the show was entirely her decision and not that of Shed Media, VH1 or Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal.’Basketball Wives: LA’ continues to be a ratings success for VH1 every Monday night.”

Check out a few excerpts from the interview after the jump.

On misconceptions people have of Shaunie

People think that I start all the drama and sit back and watch it unfold. So not true, the ladies on the show would say drama is the one thing I want to stay away from, on the and off the show. If I can stop some drama or deal with issues by just talking about it, that’s more like me, lets just talk about it like two adults.

On not putting her personal business out there

I can talk about Shaq all day long, I don’t have a gag order, and he can talk about me. I would never speak bad about him and he would never speak bad about me. But we’re parents first and it’s all about our children. There’s really nothing to talk about. You ask about him and I’ll answer it because I can and he can do the same.

On Kimsha

We’ve never met, so there is no relationship. I’ve met Ron [Artest] before a couple times, but never Kimsha, ever. I can’t say anything about her because I don’t know her.

I don’t know how you fight someone that you’ve never met nor talked to. We’ve never been in the same place at the same time that I know of. And I would never ever fight somebody, I guess you’d have to meet them first to do that, and that’s never happened. So, I really don’t know where all that came from. It’s funny though, because she took a jab at Jen over her Facebook and Jen has never met or talked to her either, so we were clueless where it all came from. So I’ve brushed it off like ‘oh well, whatever’.

You know, I was out last night and many people saw me. I will be traveling this weekend; I have appearances in Houston and Dallas. And clearly I have not been in any altercation. It would have to be the ghost of Kimsha that I have yet to meet.

On Kimisha being cut from Basketball Wives LA

Well yeah, last I knew, she’s still on the show. I’m honestly very hands off with Basketball Wives L.A. I did not cast, nor did I care to cast and I could care less who’s on the show. When they were casting,I was very very hands off. LA was already cast by the time I heard the line up and we were still filming in Miami. Miami is my baby, it’s my focus.

On her relationship with the other cast members of ‘Basketball Wives LA’

It is completely business. Because it is a part of the Basketball Wives franchise, I absolutely want it to be successful, and it is successful.

On what we can except from season 4 of ‘Basketball Wives Miami’

We are going to be in different locations this season. We’re trying something new. We’re going to spend about six weeks in New York and film there for a while. We’re going to go to Miami, and I think we’re going to try and spend a few weeks here in LA.

On what she would like to have seen more of on the last three season of ‘Basketball Wives’ Miami’

I would have liked to have seen different situations handled better. I would have liked nobody to put their hands on each other. It’s natural to disagree and have an argument though. I would like to see everybody’s philanthropic events showed too. They’ve been filmed but they’re overlooked and overpowered by the drama, because you know people like the drama. I’m pushing that for season four.