BANNED from Delaware Radio, Sorry Tyrese


Following yesterdays news about Tyrese getting asked to leave during a radio interview on KISS 101.7 we learned today that he has been BANNED from all airwaves in Delaware!
According to owner Tony Quartarone has pulled the plug on Tyrese, banning any further radio play from the singer stating :

    “Tyrese was not kicked off the air for pointing out that liquor stores should not be located near schools … I totally agree with that. But … he proceeded to downgrade my audience by calling them ‘homies.”

Mr. Quartarone is simply asking for an apology from Tyrese however after the singer called into TMZ Live yesterday, saying that he doesn’t care if his music gets played, it doesn’t look like one is in the near future.

Looks like all you loyal Tyrese Delaware fans are going to have to dust off your Pandora logins!

As always, stayed tuned to MDTV for updates !!!