News: Tyrese Kicked out of Radio Station for Liquor Store Talk


Singer Tyrese was asked to leave  WJKS Kiss 101.7 in Delaware after he expressed his concerns regarding liquor stores near elementary schools. During his interview, Tyrese became increasingly angry and told the DJ:

“Get them cats out of here … selling alcohol right across from your kids school, homie — put the pressure on them homie … you knowhow to put pressure on dudes selling in your hood.”

According to TMZ, the stations program director felt Tyrese was “disrespecting” The Delaware community and was given the “boot” during a commercial break.

Like all our favorite celebrities, Tyrese turned to Twitter to tell his side stating :

“Love is love y’all .. When you stand for something.. You will create a shift in the universe.. Salute to all of you for your support!”

Do liquor stores near elementary schools affect young kids or was Tyrese overreacting? What do you think? Let MSDTV know.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted.