Where They Do That At? Deion Sanders Denies Filing From Divorce From Wife


What You Talking About? I didn't file for Divorce..

Former NFL star Deion Sanders must have selective amnesia as he is now recanting his statement that he has filed for divorce from his wife due to her reality star ambitions.

As reported by MSDTV, Deion felt the need to talk openly about his issues concerning his wife who was becoming a certified reality star:

“Enough is enough. I never signed up for all this. Enough is enough. If I wanted a model or a television star I would have married one a long time ago. All I wanted was a housewife.”

Well now Deion is changing his story altogether as he recently tweeted:

Ladies and gentlemen I never address Ignorance but I must at this point. I’ve never filed 4 divorce and hadn’t made a statement to Any media”

Sounds suspicious? Well it’s pretty clear something is going on as Pilar told Radio One in a recent interview:

It’s unfortunate that my husband decided to take this course of action…I’m surprised and hurt… As I said to my children, we must take a minute breath and Trust God.

Yea, it definitely sounds like something is up with this storybook couple. Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned.