News: CBS’ “The Talk” Stays Strong In Ratings Amid The Loss Of Favored Hosts


Since the departure of Leah Remini and Holly Robinson-Pete from CBS’ “The Talk” many viewers have been voicing their discontent with the network’s revision.

And today makes three weeks since “The Talk” premiered its Season 2 without the two original hosts. Not surprisingly, emails and messages from viewers expressing surprise and anger over Remini and Peete’s recasting continue to flow into CBS almost daily.

Viewers claim they won’t be watching the show any longer and some have even started to launch a petition to bring the women back to the show. Yet, CBS are sticking to their guns as the network is reporting, the while viewers are undoubtedly angry about the changes, the viewership has not changed.

Check out the Hollywood Reporter ratings analysis after the break and what CBS president, David Stapf offered as his reasoning for letting the two women go.

As compared to its highest ratings during May sweeps last year, “The Talk’ did experience an expected dip in ratings. For the first two weeks of Season 2, the show averaged 1.95 million viewers compared to its ratings during Season 1’s May sweeps of 2.04 million viewers. But, we have to remember that these are the show’s highest ratings ever.

To really see the differences, we have to examine how the show performs with its target viewers. These numbers show nothing has changed since May. They match those demo numbers with a .9 rating for women ages 25-54, a .7 for women 18-49, and a .4 for women 18-34. The network also reports that the show has improved 40% in its time period on CBS-owned stations compared to last year’s viewership.

Then in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, CBS Television Studios President David Stapf explained the reasoning for letting go of Remini and Peete:

“The changes we have made on the show are part and parcel of launching a new show and figuring out what works,” Stapf says. “We were thrilled we got off to a good start in the first year but we felt we could improve the show and take it to the next level by recasting these two spots.”

Season 2 premiered on Sept. 6, with new host, comedian Sheryl Underwood, and Sept. guest host, “Saturday Night Live’ alum Molly Shannon joined the original hosts, Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, and Sharon Osbourne. Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, has also been filling in for Osbourne for the past two weeks.

So while the group of viewers who are angry about the removal of Remini and Peete and creating awareness – it unfortunately has not translated into a loss of viewers for the show. And if it’s any consolation to those viewers, the show hasn’t shown an increase in viewership either.