SMH: Deion Sanders Files For Divorce, Says He’s Looking For A Housewife Not A Reality Star


MSDTV is sad to report that after 11 years of marriage, the Sanders have called it quits.

While many would believe the break up would be over something serious as an infidelity, former NFL star, Deion Sanders has admitted to filing for divorce because his wife is trying to become a reality TV star.

Deion explains to local press:

“Enough is enough. I never signed up for all this. Enough is enough. If I wanted a model or a television star I would have married one a long time ago. All I wanted was a housewife.”

SMH. Unfortunately, Deion conveniently forgot that Pilar was an actress and model before they got hitched and even participated in his realty TV show.

Pilar also addressed the media via a statement in her Hello Beautiful blog:

“It’s unfortunate that my husband decided to take this course of action … I’m surprised and hurt … As I said to my children, we must take a minute breath and Trust God.”

MSDTV wishes the couple well during this time. Pilar, get you $$ and run!

Also, as rumor has it Deion is reported to have been creeping recently with a unidentified woman. Its seems as if this divorce was his ticket to continue his “questionable” behavior. SMH.