Lost One: Lauryn Hill Gets Sued For Her Fashion Misconduct


It seems that singer Lauryn Hill is being sued over her fashion choices. Literally.

According to TMZ, a fashion consultant by the name of Via Davia Vintage filed a lawsuit in L.A. Superior Court saying that Hill took Via Davia’s clothing for her 2001 European tour and did not return it. According to the lawsuit, Vintage provided Hill “with an entire wardrobe of high fashion items.” (Probably not seen in the picture above).

TMZ reports that the company is claiming Hill agreed to pay a fixed weekly fee for 4 weeks and then return the items after use. Yet, Hill ended up hanging on to the clothing for three months, paying only a fraction of what she owed.

And to add flame to the fire, the consultant claims Hill only returned about 30% of the items, keeping the expensive stuff. O_o

Sigh. I hope this doesn’t become messy – or at least Lauryn finds another stylist who actually cares about how she looks.

Either way, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned…