Mariah Carey Gets Booed For Getting Her Grub On At New York Restaurant


When singer Mariah Carey walks down the streets of New York there are bound to be stares and comments shot her way. Still, the singer/actress was not likely expecting to be booed as she and hubby Nick Cannon entered a steakhouse restaurant last week.

Carey claims that she did not intentionally mean to cross a picket line while dining out with her husband Nick Cannon in New York last weekend, insisting she has “nothing but respect for those in the struggle.”

The couple, on their way to Central Park Boathouse in Manhattan, walked past striking restaurant workers, who upon seeing the couple enter the steakhouse, ended up yelling and booing — shouting “Shame on you!” at the pair.

Carey somewhat affected by the adverse attention, is now trying to explain herself via Twitter:

“Ok – obviously we didn’t purposely dine at a restaurant w/a (with a) picket line… And clearly the issues the picketers are dealing with are issues we would never try to overlook,” she tweeted. “So when you see a ‘video’ of me walking thru a bunch of picketers as they say ‘Shhhhaaame on yoooou’ please understand – we respect… All people and have nothing but respect for those in the struggle.”

Hmm. I guess the struggle doesn’t include a 3 course steak dinner? Of course MSDTV will keep you posted, stay tuned.