Let’s Get Ready To Rumble: Ray J & Fabolous Fight Play-By-Play In Vegas + Audio Interview


“Wait a minute ain’t that Brandy’s brother?” was likely the question on people minds as R&B act Ray J was excorted out by police from the the Palms hotel and Casino in Vegas last night.

What happened? Well shortly after rapper Fabolous performed at the Palms casino in Las Vegas – he and Ray J got into a physical fight. The news of the fight was first spotted on twitter:

Get the full play-by-play of the fight after the break:

Here’s how it all went down:

The fight took place backstage at Pearl inside the Palms, where Fabolous was scheduled to perform alongside Jadakiss and Styles P last night. Ray J was drunk and started talking reckless claiming that he was more popular than rapper Fabolous after he felt “disrespected” by Fabolous and Kevin Hart, who had wat too many jokes about Ray’s private “One Wish” performance for Floyd Mayweather.

Ray J was also upset that Fabolous was “disrespecting” him on Twitter about him appearing on Floyd Mayweather’s 24-7.

While in the beginning it was just jokes, it quickly turned to something more as rapper 50 Cent started to instigate the fight. A witness to the fight explained, “When Ray J would say something, 50 would be like ‘OOOOOH, Fab how are you gonna let him say that to you.'”

The witness claims, “Fab was like “F*ck you’ to Ray, and Ray got in his face. Next thing you know, Fab two pieced him. Actually is was a three piece cause he hit Ray once on the ground.”

Ray J was apparently knocked unconscious and whoever was around stole stole his jewelry. (SMH)

When Ray J finally got up, he started acting irate and threatened everyone around him. Police were called and had to escort Ray out of the casino.

Ray J called the Breakfast Club this morning, fresh out of central booking, to talk about the Vegas squabble between him and Fabolous:

Interstingly, hearing Ray J go inn about Fab and the fact that he’s the one that got arrested — does make is seem  that maybe Ray J did hold his own? Of course MSDTV will keep you posted.

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